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There are a range of mortgage protection insurances available which will help you to make repayments should the worst happen during the mortgage term. Your lender will still expect repayments to be made so there are various insurances available to cover accident, unemployment, sickness and death
This provides cover in the event of an accident, unemployment or even sickness. Usually this will only be paid out for one or two years.

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This covers you if you have an accident at work or are unable to work due to ill health. It usually replaces the amount of your take home pay as it is not taxed. This insurance will usually keep up your repayments until your pension begins.
If you become seriously ill or disabled then Critical illness cover will pay out a lump sum to help ease financial hardship.
This will pay out a set lump sum if you were to die during the mortgage term. If you have dependents then this is especially important to ensure that the mortgage is paid off.

Speak to our team today to find the best option for you. We can explain exactly what you will be covered for so you have peace of mind should anything unexpected happen.

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